This is a film preview of the new novel by Teri-Louise Kelly titled Cultivores.

After the diseases, the eradication policies and the storm, descendants of the survivors inhabit a world overrun with true blue idolatry of the Old People’s pop-culture. In Capital Investment, the slogan-mad Corporation rule in alliance with the immortality-chasing Chic Creatures, while the majority of New People toil on locos trying to replace a number with a title.
Meeting what he thinks is the fabled carrier of the faiths, one untitled man becomes the emissary’s guide through the lands of Cultivation; where circular time is bought and sold, blue is more precious than gold and the math predominates. Accompanied by The Drifter, a former Corporation assassin, and machine girls, prototypes of the (ideal) women of the future, together they journey to the mythological Urban Jungle – the vine-encrusted super city standing resolutely testament to the Old People’s ambition and ego.

For one it is a mission to reinstate the faiths, for another a quest for knowledge, and for the Drifter, a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of Evangelista, the ruler-in-exile. What awaits them in the remains of the past though is betrayal and irony; a choice between unstable order or another pointless war – the choice which is no choice at all. Cultivation is a world divided by frighteningly familiar parallels. A world where having a name means everything, and where those who control the present – control the past.
“Cultivores is a savagely ironic take on human existence post-climatology atrocity, a Wizard of Oz-esque trek through Naked Lunch’s sci-fi pantheon, where pop-cult ideologies reign and Orwell’s prophetic 1984 is fast-forwarded to a bizarre conclusion.”

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