My Life Oh Roulette – Short Film

Based on a true story, My Life Oh Roulette delves into the mind of a character named in the film as Broken (played by Joshua Gordon).

After suffering a nervous break down due to overwork, the demise of his marriage and a lack of interaction and time with his daughter, Broken has been diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder by his doctor and is undergoing Psychiatrist sessions and drug therapy, as with many people wrongly trapped by the dark realms of medical society.

The Bi-Polar diagnosis is incorrect, merely an easy solution to his doctors inability to treat correctly.
Over a period of 18 months being administered drugs not meant for someone without this disorder, Broken experiences a downturn within his mind and his life becomes a theatrical experience in which two sides of him battle for his true sanity.

The film represents two elements of his mind – Torment (played by Desislava Ivanova) is his minds representation of the drugs and the torment these chemicals are creating inside. Inner Self (Emma Manthorpe) is the sanity within, lost, battered and desperate to fight with the drugs that are pushing Broken closer to suicide each day. Broken sits within his mind, relating moments in his life to that of a game of Russian roulette as Torment tries so hard to push him over the edge.

These are the unfortunate realities that we face in a society where drug company kick-backs are often a means for doctors to randomly prescribe drugs to patients all too easily and without any real need. A climate of degradation in health and a doctors lack of knowledge can ultimately lead to an easy “copout”. “Oh was sad three times this week, he must have Bi-Polar,” “His breakdown has to have been caused by Bi-Polar”.

In this harsh film, Sean King tries to bring forth the realities and horrors of mis-diagnosis and the all too easy prescription of drugs so powerful that can turn a tired but sane man into a mind spin – ultimately leading him to a suicide which should never have happened.

Through the use of camera, post edit and an amazing original music score written by Michael Taylor, Sean creates a disturbing yet thought provoking film that delves deep into the mind of a man who was un-necessarily Broken…

The film was shot using the Sony FX1 in 16:9 Standard Definition and is available in All Region formats.

My Life Oh Roulette


Broken Joshua Gordon
Torment Desislava Ivanova
Inner Self Emma Manthorpe

Producer Sean King

Writer Sean King

Director Sean King

Director of Photography Sean King

Production Assistant Belinda Maloney

2nd Camera Assist Frank Priolo

Lighting Sean King

Costume Sean King

Location & Set Design Sean King

Makeup & Special Effects Sean King

Post Production Sean King

Assistant Editor Dino Maoutsidis

Stills Photographer
Sean King
Belinda Maloney

Makeup Assist
Desislava Ivanova
Emma Manthorpe

Sound Design Build, Destroy, Build Again…

Sound Designers
Josh B. Williams
Jason Badenoch
Foley Editor Josh B. Williams
Foley Artist Jason Badenoch

Michael Taylor
Audio Architect

Shaylee King
Frank Priolo
Lucy Cheeseman
Trevor Ogilvie
Robert Armour
Iain Wilson
Phil Tilbrook
Stephanie Bolt
Adelaide Airport Limited
Prima Photographics

Prima Photographics

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