Regrets – Short Film

This is the fourth film written and directed by Sean King. Like My Life Oh Roulette, Regrets tackles the darker side of an ever-present issue in society – this time the lack of justice served to those who kill an innocent person through dangerous or drink driving.

Filmed entirely on location in a Launderette in Adelaide, South Australia; Regrets looks into the effect on the family of someone killed. It also touches on the deep desire for revenge that each of us hold within, especially when our justice system allows these people to walk away without charge. The film was written in memory of Adam Rust and in dedication to his wife and family who were left behind to pick up the pieces after Adam was killed on his honeymoon in Tasmania – just one week to the day after his wedding.

Regrets was produced by Fiona DeCaux and stars Terry Rogers as “Andy” and Nina Pearce as “Jules”. It has just been entered into the Adelaide Shorts Festival for 2009.

In 2009 Regrets premiered at the Indie Film Festival and was a great success, highlighting the need for a review of the laws relating to Drink Driving.

Special thanks’ goes to Chris Juergensen for the use of his amazing music from the album titled Big Bad Sun. You can purchase this amazing album through iTunes.



Andy Terry Rogers
Jules Nina Pearce
Officer 1 Sean King
Officer 2 Josh Williams

Producer Fiona De Caux
Writer Sean King
Director Sean King
Director of Photography Andrei Gostin
1st Assistant Director Theo Benton
Sound Josh B. Williams
Jason Badenoch
Art Director Theo Benton
Wardrobe Theo Benton
Makeup Joanna Clayton
Production Assistants Jack De Caux
Neil Beevers
Post Production Sean King
Andrei Gostin

“Sweet Melissa” – Chris Juergensen
From the Album Big Bad Sun

“Nothing’s Been The Same” – Adam Schmitt
From the Album Sad Bastard Music

Shiny Brights Laundry – Paul Kousiandas
Uni SA Production Office
South Australian Police
Australian Federal Police
Adelaide Airport Limited

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