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Camp Quality Filming Day

We recently got invited to do some film making for Camp Quality. For those of you that don’t know Camp Quality it is a camp run for children with cancer. They do amazing things for the kids with the slogan “Laughter is the best medicine”.

The concept behind the film making was that we film two films on the day scheduled, edit both the next day and on the third they were to screen the films and have a Oscars night (giving out Oscar Awards to the kids). There were three film makers and each of us were to do two films.

We basically had three hours to film each one and the kids didn’t actually read any scripts – in fact until it was time to film we hadn’t even met them!

Sister Mary Vigilante, Nun…

Anyway, This is one of the films I did. The kids, not just in this film but all others are the happiest most supportive and wonderful bunch of children I have met in my life. And the staff that support the kids at the camp are equally amazing.

If you are thinking of supporting a charity please consider Camp Quality as they are an incredible organisation.

Enjoy :)

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