A Nun a Gun and a Prostitute

A Nun a Gun and a Prostitute(also known as anagaap), is a mini-series written by Sean King in 2004. The film is currently in post production.

Chris Juergensen wrote and recorded the theme song for A Nun a Gun and a Prostitute this month in Tokyo. The link provided below will take you to his website and also allow you to hear the song. It’s called “Nostalgia’s Fate” and Chris has captured the whole vibe of the film amazingly. Go to his site, check out his music and buy his albums. I have!

“The mini-series, A Nun, A Gun and A Prostitute by writer/director Sean King follows the journey of Nostalgia; a high class call girl. But Nostalgia is not your typical call girl. When confronted by her disgruntled pimp, Lester, having not received his cut from her last job, Nostalgia’s double life begins to unfold. We soon discover who Nostalgia really is, and she is not the only one in this twisted tale with a secret.
This series follows Nostalgia’s quest for a better life, with her morality and courage depicting her as a modern day Joan of Arc.”

A Nun a Gun and a Prostitute


Lester Sam Tripodi
Detective Rayner Terry Rogers
Father Andrews Dwayne Watts
Street Bum Jeremy Kelly-Baker
Rayner’s Partner Matt Swanson
Nun Sharron Malujilo
Street Kid Daniel McKinnin
Choir Boy 1 Joshua Gutowski
Choir Boy 2 Jess Ellis
Young Prostitute Kate Englefield
Client Nick Buckland
Uniformed Officer 1 Steve Harwood
Uniformed Officer 2 Carina Gun
Young Female Camila Kilbane
Father Michael Adrian Crawford

Sean King
Mat Zilm

Writer Sean King

Director Sean King

Cinematographer Sean King

Director’s Assistant Camila Kilbane
1st Assistant Director Adam Carter
Art Director Kelly Jade
Art Director’s Assistant Steve Harwood
1st Camera Assist Mat Zilm
2nd Camera Assist Emma Dodd
Clapper Shaylee King
Production/Unit Manager Sara Ricci
Grip Ben Margitich
Runner Alyson Mitchell
Pre-Production Assistant Jarrad Thomas
Continuity Camila Kilbane
Continuity Assistant “Objective” Kelly Jade
Continuity Assistant “Physical” Mat Zilm
Sound J. B. Williams
Wardrobe Brooke Ambler
Wardrobe Assist Shannon Wren
Costume Creators;
Lilian Newson
Linda Thomas
Makeup Key Kristy Bassett
Makeup Assist;
Jessica Bailey
Jarrad Thomas
Sara Ricci
Sean King
Camila Kilbane
Adrian Crawford
Post VFX Jeremy Kelly-Baker
Stills Photographer Damir Ivka
Data Wrangler Adrian Crawford
Composer Mick Taylor

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    1. Hi Kristy. We are still in edit mode for the film which is now going well. We unfortunately suffered a few data issues with hard drives etc crashing on us as well as a few other major setbacks. Hopefully smooth running now with the edit complete up until scene 15 so far!

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