Covering Your Book.

So you’ve written your first book and you are ready to self publish? Before you jump into your book upload one important aspect to consider, one that is quite often under-rated, is the quality of your cover.

With the increasing number of self published books appearing on sites such as Lulu and Amazon, we are also seeing a plethora of poorly designed, un-appealing book covers hit those sites. They say that “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover” which is a very true statement, but I believe that you can sell, or certainly boost sales, of your book by the Continue reading Covering Your Book.

Publishing assistance.

I can assist with self-publishing your book, newsletter, comic or magazine. With many years design experience as designer and editor for Finger magazine, as well as cover designer and layout person for Blunt Trauma Press I can design and implement your cover and layout formats for eBook, PDF and printed copies.

Dirty Business – a preview

My first novel “Dirty Business” is almost complete and should hit the streets in early 2013. Join Willow, a thirty year old lesbian Private Investigator, as she bumbles her way through a life on the darker side of town. Tough, sarcastic and no-holes-barred, “Dirty Business” is the first in the Willow series.

Check out the preview of the first two chapters below and feel free to comment. I apologise for the lack of ability to format the text correctly on the following extract.


They emerged from the blackness that’s the dim corners and low hide-aways of the alley. They’re like bats exiting their cave. I’m taken by surprise. I was distracted. Not my usual self. The first indication of their presence I get is a sense of movement followed by a blow to the side of my head. It’s forceful enough to bring me to my knees but not enough to leave my mind blank. And that’s his first mistake. His second is his bravado. Continue reading Dirty Business – a preview

Safe and secure purchasing.


Thanks for your interest in owning one of my books. Purchasing through is safe and secure. We use PayPal for payment. You don’t require a PayPal account, just a valid credit card. If you would prefer to purchase through Amazon or Lulu the links are at the bottom of this page.



Empire of the Mind is a collection of poetry and writing written by Sean King. This is the first published book by Sean.  His

second book Like the Dog I Am was released in 2012.

Empire of the Mind is a self published poetry and writing book by the editor of FINGER magazine.

“Dark, moody and gritty tales of life, love and loss. Madness and beauty rolled into one.”
Review by Dymocks, Adelaide

“This book, It was beautiful. Beautiful because it made me laugh and because it even made me cry. At times I thought some of them must have been written about me they hit that close to home. It was honest. At some points I would read a page and have to sit there just thinking about what was written, the string of words that had stopped me in my tracks. I do not usually read books such as this but made an exception. For me it was hard to read, because I’m usually a start to finish story kind of reader, alas I did enjoy it.”
Gods Girls book reviews 

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Like the Dog I Am is the second poetry and writing collection by Sean King. Published in 2012 by Blunt Trauma Press.

“When he told me he needed a fountain pen, I dismissed it as normal, what normal passes for anyhow in this world we inhabit. And then, later, I thought, hold on, he’s going to stick that nib into his vein and write a book out of his own blood. A few moments of panic and then normality grabbed me again, bit me hard on the cheek. I could see him doing it too, hunched over his desk, the one with the cartridges on it, madly scribbling verse in his own métier. Later, compelled by gnawing cold and dead bang fusion induced by god’s nectar, I called. He mumbled something, late-night obscenities -caffeine-inspired rage of the insomniac. I let it go at that, all was well in our small page of the global book. He rang me later, as the moon bowed out and the big yellow ball gripped folk’s throats again. Here, it’s finished. He told me coldly. How could he write a poetry book in . . . I cut myself short, Hank had done it once out of fear, fear of losing the artery of creation. I read it, went to a bar and ordered tequila. I was after the lime and salt, something to mask the sting his words had left in my mouth. He wrote this book for you because you are the axis. I don’t know who you are, but I know who he is, he’s a dog, a dog that roams the night looking for tomorrow. When he told me he needed a fountain pen, I knew why, I just didn’t know he’d slaughter language with it.” – Teri Louise Kelly

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Like the Dog I Am
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Empire of the Mind
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