You Created Your Own Shit – Now Drown In It.

Let’s rant. Let’s see how many of you agree.

The Politicians make the rules. The Judges enforce those rules. The Lawyers profit from those laws. The schools teach the younger generations that to get by in this life all they need do is call on those rules. Continue reading You Created Your Own Shit – Now Drown In It.

ANAGAAP Theme song complete!

Chris Juergensen wrote and recorded the theme song for A Nun a Gun and a Prostitute this month in Tokyo.

The song came together surprisingly easy after I gave Chris a brief on what I was looking for. The track was laid down in a studio in Tokyo this month and Chris said that it had been recorded start to finish with no breaks. Pretty amazing for such a long piece!

The link provided below will take you to his website and also allow you to hear the song. It’s called “Nostalgia’s Fate” and Chris has captured the whole vibe of the film amazingly. Go to his site, check out his music and buy his albums. I have!

Coming soon…


A society of generated fears. The establishment instilling the fear of death through subliminal mind control, massively targeted campaign and suggestive death and disease. The lower and middle classes have been fused into a new world class, the class of slavery. Run by the corporates bathed in a stench of profits, there is no choice, no selfdom, no freedom. It’s a 24hr world in which the two great corporations fight for total economic domination.

This is 2050, and this is where the revolution begins…




Image source – Tumblr