Remeber Your Confidence…

Funny thing. I have always been quite an intuitive person, able to confidently go with my thoughts knowing full well that my first instinct is the right one. It’s never failed me to this day and has been something that I so naturally rely on each and every day. Most of the time without any real thought to the matter.
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Un-lighting the Canon 7D/5D MKII

This is quite common knowledge but I thought I would blog it for those who are just starting out in the area of motion camera work (we all start out sometime).

Having had my kit for some time one would have thought I would have been organised completely by now, however my reality is just like that of many people. And that is, it takes time for my finances to cope with all the equipment we essentially require to achieve the best results possible when doing our camera work. There are things you just can’t do without, and when these items are not available, our professionalism is compromised.

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Got a Light?

We went to the opening of the Adelaide Festival 2010 on Saturday night. It was to be a fireworks extravaganza. A night that would allow us to be the privileged State where we were invited to witness the greatest fireworks display ever created in this country. The same technicians who bought us the opening ceremony at Barcelona, the millennium fireworks and so many other great feats of pyrotechnic genius!

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The Film Look

Getting the elusive “film look” is the battle that most filmmakers using digital cameras fight every day. There are many ways this can be accomplished, but first let me explain a little about what the “film look” is.


When we look at a film on the cinema screen, it is likely that it was shot on 35mm film. This film uses a chemical process, which gives it a much more softer organic look, unlike digital. Digital cameras use an array of precisely laid out light sensors, this in turn gives it a vivid crisp “Tele movie” look, and not at all “film like”.

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