Dymocks Review Empire of the Mind

Just a quick one for everyone.

Dymocks have done a review of Empire of the Mind and this is what they had to say;

Dark, moody and gritty tales of life, love and loss. Madness and beauty rolled into one.

Thanks to Dymocks for the fantastic review and I am so glad that my book comes across in exactly that way. If you want to leave your own review of Empire of the Mind please feel free to do so here. I may even select a few to go on the front page of the site. Thank you again to all my readers.

Generation Y (don’t you do it for me)

In a world gone sour with monetary corruption, where service has gone down hill at a rapid pace, and the quality of products leads the world into an era which could be termed “cut price oyster”, we seem to have created ourselves a generation of cotton-wool, wrongly educated misfits lacking in respect. Harsh? Maybe…

Let’s look at a couple of extracts from Wiki about Generation Y just for a little insight into what they are;

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Adrian Brian Ford – Customer Service? What's That?

I thought I’d write this article after a couple of recent experiences with customer service.

I have just finished a job for a valued client. It involved placing the photographic proofs online for her to select the images she required to be edited in photoshop (a method I often use for specific jobs such as casting shots and packaged deals where the client already has an allocated number of images).  The service is prompt, secure and convenient, especially in times where my client requires a quick turn around of images. Continue reading Adrian Brian Ford – Customer Service? What's That?