The Face of Decay – Part 2

When I face the cold I do so alone, protected only by the thin layer of falsehood they dictate I wear. I am lonely and I miss the me I once was.

All I have now is the horrid reminder that greets me as I speed past windows on my way to nowhere, and even they seem to wash away more as each day passes me by.

Sometimes I look at the clouds and try to imagine what it will be like when they no longer exist, but my mind draws blank just like the deserted streets that surround me…

SKPF - Sean King

How Companies Create Software Pirates

With current internet technology more and more companies are offering instant access to purchased software via direct download. Upon purchasing the software application it can be installed within minutes on your computer and you no longer need to wait days, sometimes weeks, for your new application to arrive in the mail. This is a great way to buy products – or is it? Continue reading How Companies Create Software Pirates

Only One Kelly Jade…

There is only one Kelly Jade…

For those of you who know her you will understand the talent and passion of Kelly Jade for all things art. Kelly has been painting for years and her unique style of art maintains her beautiful interpretations of the world around us, transformed for all to enjoy. With a fine skill for creating the accentuated curves of the female form to a more youthful interpretation of nature and the world around us, gazing upon her art gives us all a sense of beauty and satisfaction. “The world really isn’t that bad”, we might think to ourselves.

The Serbian art magazine Novo Slovo most recently wrote an article about Kelly Jade with nothing but praise and admiration for her styling (if you want to read the article you will need to translate it using google translate). She will also be featured as an entire chapter in an art book that will be published overseas next year by one of the journalists for that same magazine, and has been one of the feature artists for Fine Art America for some time.

With her art being purchased and enjoyed by many different peoples and cultures Kelly Jade is bound to continue on a rapid coast forward in the world art market. Her most recent sale titled “ABC Tree” had many expressions of interest before being snapped up from the Urban Cow Studio in Frome Street Adelaide. But it is not only her paintings and sketches that are becoming popular amongst art collectors worldwide. Her recent photoshoot based on the story we all know as “Alice in Wonderland” has already sold images in countries as far as Seattle in the USA, yet another indication of her arts world wide appeal.

There is only one way that Kelly Jade and her magnificent and original style of artwork are headed – forwards forwards and forwards. If you would like to view some of her amazing artwork (and of course purchase), you can do so by visiting her online gallery which is under continual development. Kelly also runs an art blog from that site which will include tips for artists and her own interpretations of many other artists works. You can also pop into the Urban Cow Studio (if you are in Adelaide Australia) where she currently has artworks on the walls.

Congratulations to Kelly Jade on her success so far and as always, I really look forward to seeing what creations she whips up in the future.


Shooting Carmilla Hyde.

We embark on a photoshoot this week for the Jekyll and Hyde thriller Carmilla Hyde.

Our aim is to produce high quality photos that reflect the sexy, edgy and cool cult sensation that is Carmilla Hyde. The images will be used for promotional media, magazines and DVD covers which will also be designed by Sean King (SKPF).

Here’s a synopsis of the film taken from the CH website;

“Millie Jackson, a nerdish introverted virgin, shares an old crumbling mansion with fellow uni student Sara. Sara’s friend Britt, desperate to move in, hatches a cruel and cunning plot to push Millie out. Party drugged, Millie is seduced by Sara’s boyfriend Nathan, to awake, naked and confused, with no memory of the night before. Deep in denial, Millie is confronted by startling images of her night of passion, filmed and mailed through the internet.

Distraught, confused and plagued by conflicting emotions, Millie seeks help from her family psychiatrist Dr Charles Webster. During hypnosis, Dr Webster unwittingly awakes Millie’s repressed alter ego, unleashing the wild, sexy Carmilla Hyde. Armed by a post-hypnotic trigger, Millie now has the perfect vehicle to take her revenge… to beat her tormentors at their own game of cruel deception.

But the battle is with more than just her housemates. Plagued by childhood memories, and with her alter ego Carmilla slowly taking over, she returns to Dr Webster in a desperate bid to regain control.”

Keep your eyes on this site for a little sneak preview of the images.

Carmilla Hyde is currently screening and for dates, ticket purchases and any other information about his cult film visit the Dark Mirror Pictures website by following the link below;


Blame Blame Blame…

The recent news about the Royal Commission into the Victorian bushfires coming to an end has again fired up the dismay I hold for the way our society is heading on a global scale. It seems that in this day and age in the event of a disaster occurring we seem to instantly search for someone to collectively pile our blame on. Whether it be international, national or local government or the poor sucker who spends his life running a bunch of brave volunteers who risk their very lives year in and year out to save the public and our so sought after possessions, if a disaster occurs, we, as the pathetic society we have become, search vigorously for someone to blame.

You may recall the massive devastation caused by the Tsunami and the gallant efforts of the world to lay blame and enforce responsibility for that event and the thousands who lost their lives. Without any real thought we not only blame but shame the people who devote themselves to protect us. Just look at the flack CFA chief Russell Rees has copped throughout the Royal Commission.

We as a community of adult individuals need to step up to the plate and take responsibility for our actions. Those who sadly died trying to protect their properties had their opportunities to make a decision to stay or go and were not forced to stay by the Brumby Government, Russell Reese or any other individual. It all seems a sad reflection of our new desire to take no responsibility for our own decisions, large or small.

It seems that the only result of any of this new attitude toward responsibility is a more difficult and expensive world to live in. With the hundreds of billions of dollars a year spent on OH&S in the workplace to Royal Commissions which cost us all millions of dollars, I sometimes wonder whether there is a more underlying factor to some of the decisions made in this day and age. However, all this comes as a result of our constant need to lay blame.

I have recently been looking into new public liability insurance for my business and it has, to say the least, been an extremely difficult process. It has taken weeks for my brokers to even receive quotes due to the “extremely high demand” for public liability insurance at this time! Extremely high demand! It wont be long before we, as individuals not businesses are required to have public liability insurance at all times just in case we bump into someone in the street. Will you be happy with having to shell out $1,000.00 or more each year for this type of insurance? Well suck eggs because you have bought it on yourself with your inability to take responsibility for your own actions.

It’s a sad situation that we seem to have created and it looks as if there will be no way out now as we move more toward a world of Blame Blame Blame…



You can follow the reports o the Royal Commission into the Victorian bushfires by following this link;,,5019015,00.html

Financing Australian Film

I have always been of the belief that the structures behind the selection of Australian films for finance has been an extremely weak link in the success of the film industry in this country. The selection process is not only discriminative, but left for a select few who receive funding time and time again for films that most of us wouldn’t even wipe our arses with.

If you as a filmmaker, or more so the subject of your film does not fit within the brandy glass of a pompous bunch of overly tunnel-visioned board members who shun genre as much as they shun the homeless they step over on their way to their clubs then don’t even bother applying for funding. However, should your film be coming of age, focused on the disadvantaged or a mock up of overly stereotyped Australian personality then by all means, apply away. The chances are they will bathe you in funding.

Don’t you really think it is time that we started to see films being created in Australia that we would normally pay our hard earned money to see? What about a good horror film? “Oh we don’t want to see horror films here..” How about a good action full of guns, blood, sensuality? “Oh, that’s too American!”

Come on guys, pull your heads out of your clogged up arses and start giving us the type of films we crave for that are MADE IN AUSTRALIA.

Head over to the MUFF (Melbourne Underground Film Festival) site and sign their open letter/partition to make these organisations in charge of fucking our film industry up that this is exactly what they are doing!