Now if I were sniffing petrol…

I’m not really a sadistic person but sometimes a story comes along that actually makes me laugh at someone’s misfortune just through the irony of the whole situation. I found this story published in The Australian and written by Debbie Guest;


AN Aboriginal man from a remote western desert community was last night being airlifted to a Perth hospital after he was shot by police with a Taser gun and engulfed in flames.

The incident happened about midday yesterday at the West Australian community of Warburton after police went to a house where Ronald Mitchell and others were sniffing petrol.

Last night a crew from the Royal Flying Doctor Service airlifted Mr Mitchell to a Perth hospital to be treated for burns to 20 per cent of his body.

It is unclear exactly how the 36-year-old was set alight but family members told The Australian last night that his body burst into flames after the Taser hit him on the bridge of his nose.”

Now if I were sniffing petrol the last thing I would want to do is piss off someone who’s standing in front of me holding a source of ignition!

Here’s a link to the full article;

Man set alight after being hit with Taser



Meet Bukowski

On a recent trip to Renmark I had the opportunity to rescue a baby possum that had fallen from a tree at a rather large height. He had landed on his face and was bleeding from the nose and mouth quite a bit.

Being unfamiliar with the town and not quite sure where we could take him to be looked after we headed to the Renmark Visitors Information Centre where we were assisted half-arsedly by a woman who had absolutely no clue about any of the structured services in the town. Her solution was to ring the Reptile Park and try to offload the possum there. Unhappy with the woman, her service and her suggestions to a solution we decided to head back to the caravan park and speak to the manager there.

The manager at the Riverbend Caravan Park knew exactly who to ring and within 20 minutes a couple turned up at our site to collect the possum. Turns out that our decision was the correct one as if the Reptile Park had have taken him he would have become eagle or crocodile food!

We got to talking to the couple (Greg and Betty) and they invited us to their home the following day to see the other native wildlife they were carig for. We were introduced to sugar gliders, ring tail possums and a variety of kangaroo breeds, and given the opportunity to feed the kangaroos.

Betty and Greg have been caring for injured and abandoned wildlife for many years and I was amazed at their dedication to these animals. Each of the animals we saw while at their property were in excellent health and were eager to be sociable despite the fact that there was six of us there. Betty asked me to name the possum as she believes they should all have names. I named him Bukowski.

I walked away from that place knowing that Bukowski could not be in a better place than with these loving, caring and devoted people who have spent much of heir life inconveniencing themselves for these animals. I wish that I too had that type of dediction and I admire these two people all the more for it. It got me to thinking. In our short time there feeding the kangaroos we went through an estimated 4 ltrs of milk and I realised that these people must spend a lot of their hard earned cash on caring for these animals. In conclusion I thought it would be good to call upon everyone who reads this blog to make a small donation to assist Betty and Greg in their caring of these animals.

Folow the link below to go to a secure site and please, make a small (or large donation) to help out.

Please note that Betty and Greg have not asked for donations or for this article to be written.

Here’s Some Juice – I’ll Kill You Later…

For some years now I have been quite sceptical about the types of drugs forced upon our society. From doctors willing to write a prescription before you even walk through their door to administration under the guise of government efforts to protect us through immunisation. Once upon a time immunisation was a way of genuine efforts to prevent certain diseases in society, but in an age of rules and regulations, laws and ruling ideology designed with profit in mind, have you ever truly sat down and wondered why we would put so much trust in deceptive drug companies by allowing them to pump our children with drugs we really know little or nothing about? The reason that I bring this thought to the blog is the recent swine flu myth generated to fear people into submission and acceptance of new rules and regulations designed to provide governments with even more control over the populace.

Aside from conspiracy theorists and pharmaceutical companies, ask anyone on the street what chemicals and medications are mixed within these vaccines and, aside from saying the virus itself, they would have no idea. No idea of what they are allowing governments to pump into our, and worse – our children’s – systems! Can that really be such a good thing? Most people wouldn’t even give a stranger their car keys without the suspicion that they would run off with their car, so why would we so easily hand our trust to governments who in reality are only the face of the profit-mongering corporatocracies that run them from the dark alleyways in parliament?

The fear spread globally by the world governments’ most reliable source of propaganda distribution – the media – has achieved what it was created to do. New laws governing the rights to freedom of the individual are being passed in the United States that in effect strip peoples right to decide on vaccination for themselves. I have posted a video below from YouTube which I found quite disturbing to say the least. Once you get past the “mumbo-jumbo” at the start (3:23) the woman who I am assuming to be a government backed doctor, talks about various new laws and regulations in the United States bought in to govern the administration of a swine flu vaccination. She states that children from 6 to 18 years will receive the first doses of the “experimental” immunisation through the school system. EXPERIMENTAL! ON OUR CHILDREN! Under normal circumstances drugs created by the pharmaceutical industry must undergo extensive testing, sometimes for years, before they are released, but this time around the governments are relaxing those rules for swine flu vaccination. And only two pharmaceutical companies are to make the vaccine.

She also states in the video (6:37) that any public demonstrations would be classed as “Low Level Terrorism”, in effect insinuating to the populace that standing up for their and their children’s rights (and their own) would find them in the same boat as many people who have spoken out against the previous government -  previous being the Bush administration.


Perhaps it’s just me that finds this video disturbing but the fact remains that YouTube is a new form of propaganda distribution for the hierarchy. So how much further can the United States push this and how long before the same regulations begin to take effect here on Australian shores? It’s already heading in the same direction in Europe so it’s merely a matter of time before Australia follows. This article written by Mike Adams outlines some other disturbing facts about how far the governments are planning to push this new assault on human rights;

“The State of Maryland has now turned to Gestapo tactics to force its medical will upon the People, stripping parents of any right to decide how they wish to protect their own children from infectious disease. Health authorities there have already announced their intent to essentially kidnap parents and throw them in jail, removing them from their children for up to thirty days if they continue to refuse to have their children vaccinated. This will all be conducted at gunpoint, with armed personnel and attack dogs at the ready, making sure nobody steps out of line, and suppressing any attempt at public dissent against the Orwellian vaccination policies.”

What he fuck? The new Swine Flu Vaccination is an untested drug that these governments will be forcing upon us after changing laws to create even more control over the populace. Could this really be the first of their efforts to reduce the worlds population by the figure it has been estimated to be required for the earth to survive more comfortably. What exactly will  they pumping into our children and why are people allowing all this to happen?

Even worse – could it be that we are about to experience a legalised biological war upon the common people?


Video resource discovered through No Agenda wit Adam Curry and John C Dvorak


From The Little Person With Love…

Rights. In this day and age, with the new laws and regulations introduced to strip the rights of the individual (all disguised and supposedly justified under the banner of “Terrorism”), how does the little person, the “Average Joe” protect themselves from injustice? And for that matter I ask why even try when the only purpose of world governments these days is to protect themselves and those few who already have more than any of us would even dream of asking for.

Where and when will the breaking point be and what is the under-lying motives of the powers that be? When will suppression, criticism and control over degradation of the higher echelons, not to mention the thieving of rights peak? When will we all realise that things like the supposedly deadly swine flu are merely means of creating new ways to suppress the people while also distracting from the covert introduction of a police state that spreads across the entire globe? It’s even possible in the United States that if you refuse the Swine Flu immunisation you forgo your rights to freedom and will be quarantined accordingly. It’s also been ruled that public demonstrations are now classed as “Low Level Terrorism”.Civil Liberties are becoming a part of history and we are moving toward a future that will see the strategic genocide of masses of people not seen as fit to live in the new society that is becoming more of a reality each and every day.

We all understand the face of wars that have been experienced in the past, what we are unaware of is the subliminal war that is being waged against the lower societies. It’s easier to just pretend that these governments are working hard to protect us, keep us safe from a media controlled view of the nasty world around us, the view we are “allowed” to see on our televisions on a daily basis.

No where near as great as these issues I find myself heading into a small battle of my own where I will fight rules and regulations designed to protect the hierarchy (though minor) in this world. Rules and regulations which attempt to prevent me the rights of anything but the third world mentality. And as I head into this battle at least I will know within myself that I have made my small stand against the economic bullies of this world. And to my adversary in this battle I say – Here it is from the little person with love…

There’s more to come but in the meantime – wish me luck…