Shooting Society Real…

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We head out this Sunday to do a photo shoot in Rundle Mall. The shoot will be part of the “Shooting Society Real” Series of photographs in which I plan to take my views of the world and attempt to interpret them into visual stories.

The shot I am going for this Sunday will portray the slow decay of enjoyment that the world is experiencing due to ideas, political climates and a strong fear of the litigation monster. Once I have completed the final image I will not only post it in my portfolio but also blog it here for you to find easily. I plan to do the same with the rest of the images. Shooting Society Real will hopefully become a series of exhibition prints.

We will have 5 people on location but if you wish to be involved and help out in some way please give me a call or just head down and say hello on the day. We will be there from around 1pm until 4ish.

Thanks to Enigma Make-up Design who will be doing the make up, and also Photographic Wholesalers who kindly supplied the 200mm Canon lens I will be using for the shot – mine is in being repaired and still hasn’t come back!


You Can Stick Your Apple Up Your Corporate Arse…

I plugged my iPod Touch in to synchronize some new songs I had purchased yesterday and came across a little surprise.

The iTunes software automatically checks for device software updates which is quite a handy little feature as it keeps your iPod up to date with the latest patches and changes to the operating software, but this time it was a little different. I was greeted with a screen that informed me a new update was available – version 3.0, and there was the usual buttons to “update now” etc, except this time I would have to pay them $12.99 for the process! ( ) Your only options are to update or click the “Remind Me Later” button – great, I’m going to continue to be hassled to buy this from them! Perhaps their strategy is to hassle me to the point of being so sick of the reminders that I just update anyway…

Now my household has three iPods, only one of which is an iPod touch, but iPods none the less. We payed excessive amounts of money to purchase them because as we know, Apple charge 30% for the device and another 70% because they have the word Apple in them – something we just have to accept as consumers. But why the fuck should I have to pay these corporate fucking mongrels who are announcing record quarterly profits this year (up by 425%! – ), more money just to keep my software up to date?


I think that this is just excessive. Most of us dislike Microsoft because of their Monopoly, their software that’s administered to us way overpriced and the problems involved with running that crap software in the first place, but they at least continue to update and patch their product free of charge. Could you imagine if those 400 new windows updates released every day were only available if you paid hard earned cash to get them?

If you have an iPod that isn’t a touch I would love to know if they are trying to charge you for the latest operating software updates as well so let me know… And if you, like me, are into paying for your music and supporting the artists,  buy from here – – at least then you are not contributing to finance Apples record profits. At Lavamus you can purchase a full album for only a little more than what you pay iTunes for one single song.


Service please – oh yeah I forgot…

    It’s a Friday night, cold and wet. The day’s been long and the little beast inside your stomach has started screaming for the satisfaction only food can provide. You opt for a dash of cafe cuisine to stay the little bastard, keep him happy for yet another night.

    Like all establishments along the Rundle Street precinct, the cafe of your choice is packed to the brim and table options are few and far between. Do you sit at the table near the door and subject yourself to the ice of the air as it blows through, or opt to reside next to the sleazy old guy surfing porn on his new MacBook, his meal next to him going cold through lack of interest while his overpowering body odours waft violently around him? You are starving. The old guy seems a better prospect than a constant shiver. You sit.

    Shit. You don’t have a menu. That’s right, you have to go up to the counter and get your own. Hmmmpf, so much for being comfortable. Menus gathered, perused and decisions made (stomach monster really screaming now), it’s time to order. Your mouth is watering at the prospect of a warm feed, the only obstacle now being the 400m long line at the food counter where you are relegated to stand for (minutes/hours?) on end, waiting, waiting and waiting some more. The monster is not happy. You wonder to yourself why you would even wish to subject yourself to all this effort just to pay this establishment a premium for their miniscule effort (or inconvenience?) of having to cook your meal. (I mean lets face it, that’s pretty well all they have to do). It’s up to you to do your own waiting after all…


    It’s Saturday, lunchtime and the little bugger’s stirring again. Your at Mitcham shopping centre and head for Billy Baxters. Small but comfortable you choose your table and sit. A waitress comes over, asks if you would like drinks. Your taken aback a little, perhaps even confused. “Not yet thanks.” “OK”, she says, “I’ll come back in a minute.” A little stunned you carry on perusing the menu which was already sitting on the table when you arrived. Nice selection of products and a very reasonable price. It seems today, that eating out won’t be that much of an effort. Your waitress comes back, takes your order and heads off to the kitchen to have your meal prepared. In no time it is back. Well cooked, well presented and mouth watering to eat.

    Midway through the meal you are asked of you want anything else and upon saying no, your bill is brought to the table, well written and easy to understand. The food was fabulous, the staff wonderful and friendly. You can’t help but smile as you walk to the register to pay. You notice a jar on the counter, half full of coins – tips for the staff. You find yourself unconsciously reaching into your pocket to pull out some coins to add to the building collection.


As the world moves on I’ve noticed an ever increasing lack of service in many places. Not just restaurants but banks, stores and supermarkets are taking on a strategy that makes the customer do most of the work. Their responsibilities and staff overheads decrease, their prices still manage to rise regularly, and your work as a consumer increases all the more. I guess you could say that it all started with the whole concept of self serve at the service station. I can still remember (age coming to the forefront now), when someone was there to pump your petrol for you. I wonder when it’s going to stop or even if it ever will. There seems no justification for it as we as consumers still flock to these places to throw our efforts and our money at them.


    I write this article because I feel compelled to let everyone know that, like Billy Baxters at Mitcham shopping centre, there are still places we can go where you not only get good product, but good service as well. Head over there and have a feed one day – you won’t be disappointed and may even find yourself wondering why you too, continue to do all the work for someone else’s profit increases while being subjected to an arrogance that seems to be becoming the definition for the term service.



Keeping Camilla Happy

My friend Camilla sent me an email the other day, just a little catch up really, but she did mention that she was sad my old blog was no longer up to read. For those of you who never visited it my old blog it was mainly poetry that I posted (most of which went into Empire of the Mind).

So in an effort to keep my Camilla happy I thought I would post one of my new poetry pieces;

you both sit on opposite sides of the room
in culture
opposite sides of the world
each with
quick glances of the other
your eyes meet and lock
your romance blossoms
each just as passionate
the moments
in naked embrace
are beyond that of
you have ever experienced prior to this moment
passion that leaves
little room
for any other
anything else outside the two of you
you have both
been so happy
experienced anything quite like these

and then

your coffee is finished
and time catches up
you must leave
and as you walk from that coffee shop
you both chance one last glance at the other
that you have both
spent moments
in the

So there you go my friend – hopefully a good little fix of old time posting!


Images of a Dying Region

The lower lakes region has been in the South Australian news a lot lately due to the lack of water flowing into them from their feed source the Murray River. Due to the lack of rainfall in the state and the division of water from the Murray River to other locations (such as the Melbourne water system) the lower lakes have lost almost two thirds of their capacity. The lack of water flowing into the lakes has had an effect on the environment right throughout the region. But it’s not only the effect on the environment in which to consider, but the devastation that it is causing to the locals and their businesses in the towns that border the lakes. With water levels so receded towns such as Milang, who rely on holiday visitors flocking to the shores of the lakes for holidays full of water activities in the sun, are no longer experiencing the flow of tourism (at least, for extended periods of time) that they did before the lakes began to dry.

SKPF - Sean KingHeading down there on the weekend my first impressions were that the media, as always, had hyped the situation up more than was necessary but that opinion soon changed. A stop at Hindmarsh Island marina revealed the extent that the water has dropped. The very few boats that were mored at the jetty’s were sitting in very shallow water with the boardwalks almost five metres above their decks (normally the decks of the boats would be sitting level with, or a few feet above the jetty’s). With no other alternatives and no ability to move traffic, the marina has had no choice but to close the jetty’s due to the dangers.

SKPF - Sean KingOur next stop was Milang where I was suprised to find quite a few people wandering the shores of the lake, at least more than I had expected. I realised shortly after that most of them, like us, were “flow throughs” just there to check out the dried lakes. The water’s edge here was at the guess approximately 150m from where it normally would be had levels been normal. The photograph of the woman and her child shows them both walking through a section of land where there would normally be around 3 foot of water. This entire area was scattered with relics once submerged by full water levels – old anchors, bolts, chains, tires, old buoys as well as the occasional dead and dried up fish.

There were also a number of boats sitting wedged in the dried silt, some with anchors still cast. Although one of the photos shows an old and battered boat there was also modern and expensive yachts anchored in a seas of sand, dirt and newly grown scrub.

All in all it was quite a sad sight to see – a once popular swimming and holiday destination now raped by harsh nature and the change in global seaons. However, I


do believe the world is going through a change in which we are already witnessing a shift in oceans and lands, a change in the seasons we are so used to and a re-consideration of the way we think we need to live. Global warming is mythological bullshit and the means of the corporatocracy to cash in on the mislead fears ofthe populations, but the world is changing – more so through natural shifts of balances rather than the un-natural causes fed into our heads. Un-natural causes that have fed hundreds of trillions of dollars into the pockets of governments and corporations (and I do only seperate the two for the benefit of those who don’t believe our governments are just corporations in disguise). We, who as a race are too comfortable with what we are so used to as “the norm”, just need to carry on and adapt to our new environment.


Dymocks – The Book Arrives!

On th shelf!
On the shelf!

At the end of last week Empire of the Mind went on the shelf at Dymocks bookshop in Rundle Mall Adelaide.  I couldn’t help myself and had to get in there and check them out – y’know, just to make sure!

They sit alongside some of the greats of poetry such as Cohen, Kaplowitz and the late great legend of all time Bukowski! If you get the opportunity to check them out let me know. Copies are still available through this site should you not be able to get hold of one there.

In further Empire news the oline bookstores and The books aren’t there yet but should be up within the next month.