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A blog is an opinion, despite any research and facts that may be included within the context. A movie review is an opinion, one persons amidst millions, despite the “educated knowledge” it was reviewed with. I mean, how many times have you been to a film that’s received bad reviews only to find that you absolutely loved it?

What appeals to one may not appeal to all and general sensus must be taken into account. So how do you write a blog that would appeal to a “general populace”? What subjects to touch on? No matter what you end up writing about on a site/page like this you are always bound to offend some group of people. A friend and I were having a conversation about my book the other night and she told me what her favorite piece was. During the discussion I touched on some of the criticisms of religion in there. She told me that she believes in god, which is her perogative and I reckon good on her or having something to believe in. But the point is that between the two us we stood there and had a rational conversation about religion without offending each other or our individual beliefs. I guess that’s maturity?

I could sit here and tell you that religion is a promotional tool, one way to control the masses – through the use of fear. “If you do this you will go to hell! If you do that then just the same.” I could tell you that jesus is purely a marketing tool created to support a conglomerate of socially lazy men whose only purpose is to fear you into supporting their extravagant lifestyles of art and riches. And in telling you that, I would surely offend many if not most of the strictly religious.

On the other side of the fence I could tell you that god created us in his image. That goodness and harmony of living can only be achieved through his word. I can say that because you drink so much you are a bad person, that if you don’t go to church you are destined to an afterlife in the dark depths of hell. If you have sex before you are married you are a sinner, un-ethical and perhaps a misguided soul. I could say that gospel is law and heavy metal music is the devils music and a way for him to drag you to the depths of the dark side. (Ok, so that is an extreme religious view and I do know that most who believe in god are not this extreme but you get my point right?) I doing this I would perhaps offend those who are sick of having religion shoved in thier face on a daily basis.

You see, blogging is just the personal opinion of the writer in many cases and despite any evidence then articles are always going to be affected ever so slightly by the writers own beliefs. When I studied journalism at university I wrote a paper on how a journalists opinion will always affect his/her reporting in some way dependant on the story and their beliefs. That’s why newspaper editors are so damn smart. Send the appropriate reporter for that type of story and guaranteed, he will get the desired results. 

I think this is where a community blog comes in as a leader of writing opinion – it allows for a plethora of feedback from such a diverse range of readers with different beliefs, backgrounds, religions and cultures. I hope in the future, as the popularity of this site increases (we already have a good number of subscribers despite the lack of interaction on the site), we as writers (Carly and myself at the moment with more to come), can generate enough interest from our readers to receive feedback and a lot of different opinions, and that you as readers can grow with us as a community of word writing over-obsessive freaks!



Give me your reasons although I will not accept them,
Give me your patience for I do not have any,
Give me your arrogance so that I too do not care,
Give me your wisdom as I do not understand your methods.

Save me your answers as I cannot bare them,
Save me your secrets for they too are merely lies,
Save me your discretion although perhaps you have none,
Save me your arguments because it no longer matters to me.

Lead me into what once was for now it is too dark,
Lead me from all that is my heart for it will all too soon begin to break,
Lead me to your mind so that I might understand,
Lead me to believe that the process we go through will result in something worth the pain.

Carly Jeffries

About Writing

Writing about writing,
It’s something to write about when there is nothing to write about.

This has got me thinking about all the writing that there is to be written,
and therefore whether or not there is enough people or writers out there to write about it?
It seems to me that although there is so much to write about the capacity of my mind at present can not fathom anything other than to write about writing!
So to write…
The written word…
Writing indeed involves the obvious…Letters
In what order do you proceed to put these infamous letters together?
To evoke a particular emotion…How?
To express an opinion…How?

I guess it is left up to the individual to figure out the best way to write…

Just wish I hadn’t lost mine…

Carly Jeffries