WOMAD and tastes of the Cuban Revolution!

Womadelaide 8th March 2009 found us cooking with two members from the Cuban band Ska Cubano who were performing right throughout the festval.

A closely knit setting with seating for around thirty, the fine smell of traditional Cuban cooking overtook us at a rapid pace, but the most interesting aspect of the session for me was the conversations between the audience and the band members. Having a great interest in the country of Cuba and its history, there were questions I wanted to ask these guys, political questions about Cuba and Che Guevara, however I restrained knowing well that it was only a matter of time before someone in the audience would start the conversation for me.

Sure enough Che was the first subject touched upon and the response interested me greatly. I was quite surprised to hear a Cuban relate to the way the western world sees Che as an icon for freedom, as I don’t believe westerners (or most at least) see him that way, but instead use his image as a trend more than a symbol of revolution and the struggle to set the poor free.

The most interesting moment of the whole Q&A for me was his analogy of politics in general. When asked what his views on Cubas future were in relation to Raul taking over from Fidel he answered as follows;

I don’t want to answer that because I don’t like politics, but I will say this. (he holds up a wooden spoon, grasping it in the middle between two fingers). Pointing to the top he says, You can put Capatalism here, (then pointing to the bottom), and Communism here, and the poor will always remain here (he points to the middle). Then turning the spoon upside down, If you turn it around and Communism is here (points to the top), and Capatalism is here (the bottom), The poor are still in the middle

 Ska Cubano’s music can be found through iTunes or your favorite music store.

Sean King.

To Blog or Not to Blog

To blog or not to blog, this certainly is the question...Where to begin one asks themselves.A new blog is extremly crucial to any form of contact with anyone who will listen(or read as blogging usually requires one to read).
What does 'Blog' mean anyway?I have not actually asked this question before.Does each letter of the word 'Blog' stand for anything?Perhaps I'm being incredibly naive and everyone else on the planet knows exactly what 'Blog' means but nevertheless I do not.
There is alot that you can do when it comes to blogging,you can Blog about basically and truthfully absolutly anything and everything you like,It's magical in that sense that no one can tell you what to Blog and what not to Blog and if any lovely or not so lovely so and so's don't like it, well quite frankly you may politely as ever
Shove it!
So the answer I guess to my question ' To Blog or not to Blog'?
is to most definately BLOG!!! 
Carly Jeffries

Your Fringe is in my eyes!

Adelaide – Fringe Festival opening parade 2009 – It’s a grand old affair with excitement in the air as we all stand there. The Fringe opening parade is about to begin!

Now, I’ve never been to a Fringe opening before and for that matter never had the desire. For those of you who don’t know what the Fringe is, it’s held every year in Adelaide has some fantastic plays, comedy shows and art, and buskers come here from all over the world to perform. There were great displays and there were not-so-great displays in the opening parade which got me wondering about the selection process for actually getting to be in the bloody thing in the first place. Is it basd on artistic talent, ingenious thinking or is it more a case of “who do you know?”

There seemed to be a lot of old people attempting to re-live thier hippy youth in their leotards, costumes and dope smoking back-to-woodstock attire. Their own personal rebellion against their inevitable death. “Oh no, I can’t die yet greater forces, I’m an artist! Look at me! Weeeeeeeee…” A plethora of dancers who consider waving your arms in the air and calling yourself alternative is just another form of dancing. A dude with a hot rod pram that served no purpose at all, and a crap load of disabled people who to me, looked more scared than anything else! It seems if you can dress up a shopping cart and draped yourself in blank cd’s then you are going to make it baby! Yeah! If you feel too much like a bum pushing a shopping cart in public then don’t fear my friends, just slap on a funny fake mo and ride an old bycicle down the road! Riveting entertainment and might I say, just arty!

The Human Rights float made me wonder what in the hell they have to do with art and performance at all, and so did the Animal Rights people until I realised that they were all protesting so they could collect this fortnights dole payment.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for human rights but I don’t see the need to have it shoved in your face at the opening of an art festival. The same as all the company floats that were there to promote. It’s Friday night, I don’t give a fuck if Joe Blogs can provide me with over-priced lighting at my next multimillion dollar function, I’m here to relax.

There were some pretty cool things as well. Personally I liked all the French Maids from the Piece Of Me Cafe – now there’s art!  The bubble machine (pictured below) was a great one. That’s some pretty cool utilisation of advanced technology right there. There was a giant ball made from different colored milk crates which was also good had they have been able to control the bloody thing. I think at one point it rolled into the crowd and killed a couple of punters. Maybe they should have put that one behind the activists float? It would be hard to scream cruelty to animals while rolling around and around stuck to a monster milk crate ball!

I guess the compensation for all the crappy displays was the brilliant exclusion of Jesus. Yes, that’s right, the poor little begger was not to be seen anywhere…

 All said, it was a good night and the Fringe Festival in Adelaide Austraia is a fantastic thing to be a part of, whether you are there to enjoy the art, the atmosphere or to perform and display.

Sean King

The amazing bubble machine!

Flush it Froot Loop!

(I will try and remember it…)

The toilet, the bog, the WC – a.k.a. the shitter. What a wonderfully convenient device created by mankind! The next best thing to a spade and a hole under a tree, the gutter or your worst enemies bed (not that I’ve ever shit in anyones bed!…)

 Now they say that the hardest thing to flush down a toilet is a ping-pong ball. How the hell they ever came up with that bit of information is beyond me. Perhaps a wayward stripper came home at the end of a long night intent on shitting out the days hostilities, only to find that she actually stuck five up there instead of the four she popped during her last performance? Either way, someone discovered that fact.

If you think about it in a constructive way, a toilet is a great place to dispose of unwanted objects. Not only the brown stained paper after a wipe, but tampons, pads, dead goldfish, live goldfish (if you’re that way inclined), unwanted engagement rings, empty coke cans, your work colleagues favorite tie, your bosses toothbrush, even dead bodies should you have the patience to slice them into little enough pieces (Josh). The list goes on and on. But have you ever tried to flush Froot Loops?

Yes that tasty breakfast delite. That “see you round like a Fruit Loop” treat. Those wonderfully sugar induced cereal delights that take us back to a time when sugar was sugar and no-one really gave a fuck about diet. One, two, three, sometimes even four flushes and those little bastards are still there, floating amidst all the bowel glory, making tiny litlle Fruit Loop remarks in there little Fruit Loop language. Mocking the fat hairy ass that now blocks the sun from their floating little lives. Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!

Fruit Loops – the new Ping Pong balls of the shitter!

Maybe I just need to find living partners who eat all their breakfast!


Sean King