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You Created Your Own Shit – Now Drown In It.

Let’s rant. Let’s see how many of you agree.

The Politicians make the rules. The Judges enforce those rules. The Lawyers profit from those laws. The schools teach the younger generations that to get by in this life all they need do is call on those rules. Continue reading You Created Your Own Shit – Now Drown In It.

My new book is now available for purchase.

My new book titled “Like the Dog I Am” has now been published. You can find the book for purchase in both eBook and print versions. Here’s a short description and review written by Teri Louise Kelly;

“When he told me he needed a fountain pen, I dismissed it as normal, what normal passes for anyhow in this world we inhabit. And then, later, I thought, hold on, he’s going to stick that nib into his vein and write a book out of his own blood. A few moments of panic and then normality grabbed me again, bit me hard on the cheek. I could see him doing it too, hunched over his desk, the one with the cartridges on it, madly scribbling verse in his own métier. Later, compelled by gnawing cold and dead bang fusion induced by god’s nectar, I called. He mumbled something, late-night obscenities -caffeine-inspired rage of the insomniac. I let it go at that, all was well in our small page of the global book. He rang me later, as the moon bowed out and the big yellow ball gripped folk’s throats again. Here, it’s finished. He told me coldly. How could he write a poetry book in . . . I cut myself short, Hank had done it once out of fear, fear of losing the artery of creation. I read it, went to a bar and ordered tequila. I was after the lime and salt, something to mask the sting his words had left in my mouth. He wrote this book for you because you are the axis. I don’t know who you are, but I know who he is, he’s a dog, a dog that roams the night looking for tomorrow. When he told me he needed a fountain pen, I knew why, I just didn’t know he’d slaughter language with it.”

Here are the links to the sites that are selling copies;

Amazon (eBook) –
Smashwords (eBook) –
Lulu (hard copy) –

The Night is Cold

The Poetry in Motion film I shot is now completed. The Night is Cold (from my book Empire of the Mind) has been edited into a film.

Starring myself as the poet and Ellana Gormly as the Vampire, The Night is Cold was shot in SA.

  • Writer/Director Sean King
  • Director of Photography Mat Zilm
  • Sound Joshua Williams
  • MakeUp Carly Jeffries and Kelly Jade
  • Edit and Post Sound Design Sean King


Shaylee King, Iain Wright, Jarrad Thomas


I’m all for equal rights and opportunities no matter what gender or sexuality a person is. I believe that everybody is equal. In saying that I do wonder sometimes whether the whole “discrimination against women” is going a little pear shaped.

What prompted me to blog this is an article from the Sydney Morning Herald this morning titled “Discrimination to help car yard seal the deal with women buyers.” The article is about a car dealership in Sydney who have had discrimination laws overturned so that they can hire only female car sales staff at their yards. Their argument is that females are far more comfortable buying a car from a female.

Having discrimination laws overturned in my opinion, Continue reading SEX DISCRIMINATION – IS IT GOING TOO FAR?


I was taken aback the other day after witnessing what I found to be an extremely disturbing event…

It’s an unfortunate result of the Capitalist dominated society we live in – some of us just don’t make it, end up on the streets, sleeping out in the open, living from a backpack or two dollar bag. No food, no drink except that acquired through the generosity of places that provide meals to the less fortunate. No toilets except public or the walls of dingy alleyways and no means to maintain a degree of hygiene. Continue reading IF LIFE DOESN’T GET YOU THE SA POLICE WILL…

Afro + Comb = Dude!

Now check this dude out. Found him wandering the streets of Adelaide. Why the hell you’d need a comb for that hair is beyond me but at least he’s prepared. These guys looked like they were American sailors and must have been off a ship. Maybe he thinks most Australian women sport 60’s bushes and thought he would carry a comb in case he needed to brusk aside the bush for a clean entry?

Arrested? School Fees? Fuck You Fascist Pigs!

I came across an article written by Renato Castello in the September 4th issue of Sunday Mail. The article in summary (quote);

Arrest warrants issued to South Australian parents not having paid school fees

MORE than 50 South Australian mums and dads have arrest warrants hanging over their heads – most unknowingly – for not paying their children’s school fees.

The outstanding amounts are as low as $337, in the case of one dad from Encounter Bay.

Victor Harbor Magistrates Court has issued an arrest warrant for the 39-year-old who has failed to pay the money to Victor Harbor High.

He is one of 54 parents with arrest warrants issued against them by SA courts, according to the Education Department. Debts owed by parents to public schools for school fees and material charges currently top more than $1 million. Australian Education Union SA branch president Coreena Haythorpe said parents would be shocked to learn they could be arrested for not paying fees, and schools and the Education Department should be doing more to help them.

Don’t these fuckers have more to concern themselves with other than picking on the very people they push into the lower financial realms of society (ie. lower class), due to their high taxes, higher council rates and fees, excessively growing food and living expenses all at a time when wages are remaining relatively stagnant and have done for some years?

Government cronies sitting at their oak desks sipping tea while on the phone organising to have their Audi’s dry cleaned either don’t understand how tough some people have it or don’t give a flying fuck. Oh well, as long as their is tennis club on Saturdays, golf on Sundays and private schools which receive more government funding than public, they’ll be happy….

I have added this to the Forum as a topic should you wish to discuss it further.