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ANAGAAP Theme song complete!

Chris Juergensen wrote and recorded the theme song for A Nun a Gun and a Prostitute this month in Tokyo.

The song came together surprisingly easy after I gave Chris a brief on what I was looking for. The track was laid down in a studio in Tokyo this month and Chris said that it had been recorded start to finish with no breaks. Pretty amazing for such a long piece!

The link provided below will take you to his website and also allow you to hear the song. It’s called “Nostalgia’s Fate” and Chris has captured the whole vibe of the film amazingly. Go to his site, check out his music and buy his albums. I have!

My new book is now available for purchase.

My new book titled “Like the Dog I Am” has now been published. You can find the book for purchase in both eBook and print versions. Here’s a short description and review written by Teri Louise Kelly;

“When he told me he needed a fountain pen, I dismissed it as normal, what normal passes for anyhow in this world we inhabit. And then, later, I thought, hold on, he’s going to stick that nib into his vein and write a book out of his own blood. A few moments of panic and then normality grabbed me again, bit me hard on the cheek. I could see him doing it too, hunched over his desk, the one with the cartridges on it, madly scribbling verse in his own métier. Later, compelled by gnawing cold and dead bang fusion induced by god’s nectar, I called. He mumbled something, late-night obscenities -caffeine-inspired rage of the insomniac. I let it go at that, all was well in our small page of the global book. He rang me later, as the moon bowed out and the big yellow ball gripped folk’s throats again. Here, it’s finished. He told me coldly. How could he write a poetry book in . . . I cut myself short, Hank had done it once out of fear, fear of losing the artery of creation. I read it, went to a bar and ordered tequila. I was after the lime and salt, something to mask the sting his words had left in my mouth. He wrote this book for you because you are the axis. I don’t know who you are, but I know who he is, he’s a dog, a dog that roams the night looking for tomorrow. When he told me he needed a fountain pen, I knew why, I just didn’t know he’d slaughter language with it.”

Here are the links to the sites that are selling copies;

Amazon (eBook) –
Smashwords (eBook) –
Lulu (hard copy) –