“Welcome to seankingonline. I hope that you enjoy what I have to offer on this site from Film Making and Photography to Writing and Blogging. If you have any comments questions or suggestions please feel free to get in contact with me via the contact page or by leaving comments in the places provided ¬†for your feedback.”


– My sculpting work is moving along nicely with my latest piece “Death” from the PC game Darksiders 2 now in moulding stage. I will most likely blog some updates as the work progresses.


– I’m currently spending time in the recording studio working on a spoken word CD which will feature 4 prominent South Australian spoken word talents. Lord Stompy, Avalanche, Zebulon and myself. The production will be Mastered and include a booklet of all the works included on the CD as well as some pictures. Kelly Jade King will be doing the artwork for the sleeve. You can find her amazing work here.

Final editing is underway for my debut novel titled Dirty Business. Stay posted for further information.


– Work has begun in collaboration with KellyJadeArt on our first comic book series titled Neko2163. I will be posting updates as the project progresses. Updates will include snippets of story, photographs from our reference shoots and some of the artwork.

Check out my films following the links above including the amazing kids from Camp Quality in their first ever film making experience. All films have been shot here in South Australia using some of the best talent we have in the film industry. The official trailer for the mini-series A Nun a Gun and a Prostitute (my biggest project to date) can be seen below;

Photography has been one of my passions for almost thirty years now. Yes, when I started out it was all film and many hours under the safe light of a darkroom. My focus in photography is now moving to artistic imaging although I do still do work for select clients. You can see a mixture of my works in my online portfolios.




I’m currently updating my design portfolio with some of my latest work. You can check it out by heading over to my design page.

There will be more design work to come as I sort through my archives do keep visiting!

To peruse some of my other design work you can check out back issues of FINGER magazine.